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Protect you, your passengers and your property in all kinds of situations involving a vehicle. 

What coverage is required?

If you’re at fault in an accident, you could be held legally responsible for injury or damage caused by the accident. All drivers are required by law to have Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability Insurance. This coverage helps protect you from paying costly medical bills of individuals and repair or replacement of vehicles. 

Additional Protection

We offer additional coverage for added protection. These add-ons are important to consider when selecting your policy and evaluating your budget. 

  • Towing and Labor Cost
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Sound System Coverage
  • New Car Replacement

About Deductibles

A deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay to help repair or replace your car if you have a claim covered by your policy. Remember this when selecting a policy. Choosing a higher deductible policy means you might pay less monthly, but you should be prepared to pay more our of pocket if you are involved in an accident. 

Getting Auto Insurance in Spring, TX

If you’re looking for a better auto insurance provider in Spring, TX, we’ve got your back. With comprehensive coverage options and a flexible approach, you can obtain exactly the insurance you need at a price that can’t be beat — and it only takes a few minutes to reach out so that we can start working on getting you the best policy available.

But before you can get an auto insurance quote in Spring, TX, you’ll need to give us some information. In addition to the basics such as your age, gender and location, all of which affect your rates, we’ll also need the make and model of the car you drive. An older car or a sedan will likely cost less to insure than a brand new sport model in red, so if you’re considering a new car purchase or changing your vehicle, it’s best to get that out of the way before you shop for insurance.

Your driving record is also an important piece of auto insurance in Spring, TX, so if you have lots of tickets or accidents, your rate will likely be higher. The good news is that the opposite is also true, so if you’re a safe driver that hasn’t had a blip on your driving record for years, you’ll qualify for the best rates.

The Tier System

Most insurers use a tier rating system for their product offering, splitting customers into various tiers depending on your personal details. The tiers often have unique names, but the idea is to group customers by their driving record, their financial standing and the vehicle they drive — as well as the rates and perks they qualify for. Such a tier system may look like this:

  • Preferred
  • Standard
  • Non-Standard or Substandard

Those who get the best auto insurance quote in Spring, TX will be a preferred driver with a clean driving record, excellent credit and a low-risk vehicle that won’t cost an arm-and-a-leg to repair. Compared to preferred drivers, standard drivers may have a mark or two on their record, slightly worse credit or a car that’s prohibitively expensive to repair. By comparison, a non-standard driver may have a poor driving record, an expensive car and a young age, all of which add up to a more costly premium.

That said, our auto insurance agents in Spring, TX are well-versed in highlighting the good stuff and minimizing the things that could prevent you from getting a great rate on your car insurance. Many discounts are available, such as for students or members of the military, and safe drivers can even qualify for a significant discount if their record is spotless. Other aspects of driving such as mileage driven per year and the coverage you want can also impact your rate.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

During the sign-up process, it helps to know what kind of coverage you need, though one of our auto insurance agents can walk you through your options if you’re unsure. There’s liability coverage, which protects you if you’re deemed at fault during an accident. It also covers you in the case of property damage, and some coverage is even mandated by state law.

Collision coverage is a form of auto insurance that pays you if your car is damaged or totaled during an accident. If you have an expensive or newer car, you’ll want more collision coverage, though the exact amount may be mandated by your auto loan or lease.

Other coverage such as comprehensive coverage or personal injury coverage can help you from paying out of pocket for other types of damage such as a tree falling on your car or your own medical bills. If you’re unsure about your options, please ask one of your auto insurance agents in Spring, TX to help you make the right decision.

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