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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about getting a quote? Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to make things as simple as possible for you.

What information will I need to provide to receive an insurance quote?

Although it may seem overwhelming, all we really need is your name and address to get started. Almost all carriers are connected to a shared database that contains your auto or home information based on previous insurance. So don’t prolong saving yourself money; get a quote, it really is painless.

Am I obligated to purchase anything if you run an insurance quote for me?

This is the good news, NO. Getting a quote does not cost you a dime, but it sure could save you a bunch of dollars, which are more than a dime.  Call us and let’s visit.

Will you run my credit to calculate my insurance quote?

The simple answer is NO. We do not receive your credit information when quoting. However, we do receive an Insurance Score, which is generated by Credit Agencies based on criteria that is provided to them from the carriers. Some people refer to this as a soft hit or inquiry. Either way, don’t let that keep you from saving money every month. Call us to find out how.

What factors effect the rate of my insurance quote?

Remember that nasty word, Insurance Score, a.k.a Credit Score, it is pretty important when determining how much you will pay for insurance. Careless driving, in the form of accidents, does not help. Lastly, what type of vehicle you drive will have a large impact. A Ferrari will definitely cost more than the Mom van. We are always available to help you shop for a car by providing you with a quote in advance of your purchase. Don’t be like a friend of mine and have to embarrassingly return a vehicle because you can’t afford the insurance. Call us today to begin your car shopping and insurance shopping.

How can I get a better price on my insurance quote?

Manage your financial affairs and don’t drive like a maniac. The people driving next to you will appreciate how you drive and you can save money. Call us today, we will show you how to save money monthly as a safe driver.

Do you provide multiple insurance coverage options so I can compare and save?

Yes, everyone is not the same. Therefore, everyone has different budgets and needs. Speak with one of our team members today to discuss your unique needs and let us tailor a policy that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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