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Remember when you were 2 years old and all of your questions began with “Why?” All of the adults would simply shake their heads and say, not again. But, then you grew up and somewhere in your life, you came across that 2 year old and you became that shaking head adult.

The problem is we are all busy adults and just do not have time to answer all of the “Why” questions of the world, even though they are really important and how we all learn. So, I decided to stop shaking my head and put it in first gear. Without bias, I will do my best to answer the “Whys” of insurance. From What kind of coverage should I have? to Do I really need all of the insurance I have? No judgment, just some straight facts and simple answers I hope will help you understand the Why of insurance. Life is too short to be lost in the woods on a topic that can dramatically change your life and your family’s when poor decisions are made. Enjoy life and hope to see you in the Why.